Banana Milk Health Benefits

by - March 26, 2021


Banana Milk Health Benefits

Once again, another of the best Korean beauty secrets has been revealed: we are talking about banana milk, the drink that is causing great curiosity on the Internet.

Yes, that famous banana smoothie that, surely, you drank repeatedly as a child, it seems that now it has become an elixir of beauty (Who would say that it was within such reach and without would we notice?)

In fact, in Korea it is sold in a bottled version and much better processed in the style of any other plant milk, being part of the daily diet of thousands of people.

The benefits of taking banana milk

Although at first, it emerged as an alternative to support a government campaign against malnutrition and to encourage the consumption of dairy products by improving their flavor, today it is considered a drink full of benefits for health and beauty, which has become almost as popular as boxed chocolate milk.

1 nourish your body

One of the amazing benefits of banana in beauty is that it offers a high content of vitamins A, B2, B6, C, and riboflavin, which benefit the body's proper functioning in multiple ways, including the skin.

2. Improve your exercise routine

Banana milk is excellent if you love to exercise because, due to its high sugar levels, it provides great energy and, thanks to potassium, it prevents cramps.

3. Avoid fluid retention

So you can forget about the obnoxious inflammation and other problems that result from it. Flat stomach to that of now!

4. It has a satiating effect

The banana helps you feel satisfied for longer, so you will avoid going around picking junk snacks. In addition, having a fairly low caloric intake is excellent for weight loss.

5. Reduce stress and anxiety

Some experts say that when we feel stressed, we tend to consume more junk food, something that hurts the body in multiple ways. Banana milk could help you reduce these levels of stress and anxiety, preventing you from falling into bad habits.

6. Remarkably improves digestion

What favors your stomach by far! It helps to better process food and its vitamins, indirectly benefiting your skin and your figure.

How to make a delicious banana milk

Although it is a drink that has become popular in its processed version, the good news is that it also has the same benefits - and even better! - if you prepare yourself at home.


Possibly this preparation will be the same or very similar to the one you have always prepared at home but, if you want it to have a flavor more or less similar to that of the original Korean recipe, then do not hesitate to follow this recipe step by step (which enough for two servings or a little more).

Have 200 ml of cow's milk, vegetable drink, or water.

One or two bananas.

A little cinnamon (to your liking).

Two natural dates to sweeten (optional)

How to prepare banana milk?

All you have to do is blend all the ingredients until you get a completely liquid and homogeneous mixture. Of course, remember to consume it in small quantities since it is a fruit rich in sugars, so a small glass is enough to obtain all its benefits.

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