Curd diet: To lose weight fast

by - March 23, 2021

Curd diet: To lose weight fast

Cure from hunger with cottage cheese, this is how this diet could be characterized, as it enjoys a well-deserved preference. When it comes to spending one or several days with just one food, the curd is especially suitable, along with certain types of fruit, such as apples or tropical pineapple.

100 g of cottage cheese contains 14 g of protein. Much more important than this considerable proportion is the great value of its composition, with a total of 18 different amino acids, including the eight essential ones. Since we cannot store proteins in the form of reserves, they must appear every day in our diet. Cottage cheese guarantees this basic contribution.
Cottage cheese also contains vitamin A and - except for biotin - all the B group vitamins, as well as a large amount of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. In 100 g of cottage cheese, there are also 4 g of carbohydrates and 0.2 g of fat. Regarding energy, 100 g of this dairy product provides 76 calories. With one kilo of cottage cheese a day, not only are the needs of certain vitamins and minerals met in the short term, but also a minimum of calories necessary for life are supplied to the body.

Curd diet: To lose weight fast

How the curd diet works

If for a day or two you only eat cottage cheese, carbohydrates, energy providers, are lacking first. The consequence is that the body reacts immediately and releases its glycogen stores.

With this, a lot of water is lost at the same time. The needle of the scale and depending on the overweight will be able to indicate the next morning up to a kilo and a half less.

Curd diet: To lose weight fast

What can you eat?

Calories: 700-1,000 daily.
Nutrient ratio: 25% carbohydrates, 70-75%
Proteins, approx. 2% fat.


  • In the morning, at noon, and at night there is nothing else to eat but cottage cheese, in any case with a little biscuit.


  • Buttermilk
  • Coffee.
  • Unsweetened tea.
  • Freshly prepared juice.

Next come the body proteins, which are not really intended to serve as a reserve but must now serve as a substitute for carbohydrates, being transformed into glucose in the liver.

This loss of protein also causes a decrease in weight, albeit a minor one. With fats, you start the third day of the diet.
However, the content of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in this food is not enough to supply our body.

It would be advisable, therefore, to start a healthier and more calorie-conscious diet from the third day, which again includes other foods such as, above all, fruit, salads, and vegetables, with some meat from time to time


In this diet, there is nothing more to eat than curd with a fat content of 0.2%. As desired, it can be accompanied by a bread biscuit.


One or two days with curd are suitable to lose weight with a minimum of calories, but also with a minimum contribution of proteins, vitamins and minerals. With this, the body loses water, being able to achieve a weight loss of two kilos in two days.


The cottage cheese diet with some breadcrumbs as the only side is hard to put up with. However, success is manifested in the balance, although only in the short term if a calorie control regimen is not followed in a disciplined way, because if carbohydrates are added after the diet days, the lost water is replaced. in the body cells and the return of the old kilos.


A curd cure is only suitable for one or two days. During this period, the body loses a large amount of water, which nevertheless recovers with normal nutrition.

For this reason, this diet should be an introduction to more rational eating habits. In women and men who are exposed to stressors in everyday life, the second day of dieting can cause states of weakness.

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