Surprising ways to get vitamin c

by - March 22, 2021


You know that citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain tons of vitamin C . But if you would like to extend your intake, you'll be surprised to understand that there are many other fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients. In fact, many other food sources contain more vitamin C than oranges. during this article, we glance at a couple of foods that are rich in vitamin C, and a few helpful recommendations on the way to incorporate them into your diet.

How much vitamin C does an individual need each day?

Before we dive in, a fast reminder. vitamin C is a crucial nutrient that helps boost the system and overall health. Adults are recommended to require 90 mg of vitamin C daily, to not exceed 2,000 mg. Since it's not stored within the body, exceeding this level is unlikely to cause much harm. However, overeating can cause problems like abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Megadoses of vitamin C also can cause headaches. Still, you would like to form sure you're accessing at least some money; It’s about finding the proper balance. So, how does one get the C you need? Let’s take a glance at some foods that are high in vitamin C content.

Which foods are high in vitamin C?

Have you ever wondered about the way to get more vitamin C? A healthy diet is crucial, but knowing the proper foods isn't always as easy because it sounds.

Red and green pepper


Sweet and crunchy bell peppers are a tremendous source of vitamin C; One part is twice the dimensions of an outsized Florida orange (it contains 68 mg).
How much vitamin C is there in them? One cup of chopped green chillies contains 120 mg of vitamin C, while an equivalent serving of red pepper provides 190 mg. the way to get the foremost benefit: Throw chopped peppers into a salad or stir-fry. For more adventurous cooking, try stuffing half a pepper with rice or couscous and frying it within the oven. Or try dipping our delicious roasted red peppers; an ideal supplement for vegetarian sticks for a healthy snack.



Despite being a starchy vegetable, potatoes are literally an excellent source of vitamin C because they're a carbohydrate and lots of people think that tons of potatoes are bad for them. But they will also increase vitamin C levels when cooked healthily and eaten as a part of a diet. what proportion of vitamin C is there in them? an outsized potato contains 72 mg of vitamin C. the way to get the foremost benefit: Boiling or frying shows that the majority of the nutrient content is lost. Baking a potato on the skin is that the best thanks to keeping the vitamins inside. Serve with healthy toppings to your liking, like hearty chili cone corn.

Sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes are a healthy alternative to unhealthy fried potato products and these vegetables also are an honest source of vitamin C . what proportion of vitamin C is there in them? an outsized baked sweet potato contains 35 milligrams of vitamin C. the way to get the foremost benefit: Bake the sweet potato in its skin and serve with any meat or fish or vegetable of your choice.

Cantaloupe melon


Watermelon may be a tasty and nutritious fruit, but cantaloupes are the simplest source of vitamin C for you.

How much vitamin C is there in them? an outsized wedge of cantaloupe watermelon will offer you 37 mg. the way to get the foremost out of it: Cut an outsized cantaloupe into wedges and luxuriate in for breakfast, or as a delicious snack that's great for the entire family.



Cabbage is another sort of vegetable that packs an honest punch of vitamin C . what proportion of vitamin C is there in it? One cup of raw shredded red cabbage provides 40 mg of vitamin C, while an equivalent amount of shredded sauerkraut contains 21 mg. the way to get the foremost out of it: Serve steamed (instead of boiled) cabbage with dinner. Steaming retains nutrients better than boiling, so attempt to steam the vegetables whenever possible. 

While citrus fruits are best known for his or her sources of vitamin C, kiwifruit provides quite oranges or lemons. what proportion of vitamin C is there in them? One kiwi gives 64 mg, two-thirds of the daily value you recommend. the way to get the foremost out of it: Squeeze the meat from the highest into a delicious snack, or peel the kiwi and grate it before adding it to a salad for a healthy dessert.

Chilli peppers

We mentioned earlier the healthy vitamin C content of bell pepper. If you wish a touch of spice, you're happy to understand that chili contains good amounts of C. what proportion of vitamin C is there in them? Red pepper will offer you 65 mg. the way to get the foremost out of it: Heat masala with chopped chilli curry, stir-fry, or soup.


Guava may be another fruit that features a high vitamin C content and is a great alternative to oranges and other citrus fruits. what proportion of vitamin C is there in them? One bag (excluding rubbish) contains about 125 mg. the way to get the utmost benefit: All guavas are often eaten, including the skin. Enjoy sliced snacks. If you're interested, you'll remove the skin and eat the meat inside.


Vitamin C doesn't come from hard and glossy fruits - broccoli may be high-fat, offering 51 mg per oatmeal. To read the guts of vitamin C, does one want to double the broccoli during this roasted lemon broccoli rigatoni? Pair sweet potato with fenugreek and potatoes, you bought a vitamin C fest because potatoes also are a source of vitamin C.

11.Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts from Europe are another member of the cabbage family. These greens may have a nasty wrap (often placed under the fido table), but within the case of vitamin C , they get nothing but good grace at 48 mg per serving in half a cup when cooked. don't allow neisers to dissuade you from eating your Brussels sprouts


Although grown in many sorts and colors, cauliflower might not come to mind when brooding about vitamin C - but not cake again! Katie replaced the chocolate cover together with her amazing ingredient cake. Cauliflower provides 26 mg to serve half a cup of vitamin C per recipe; Uncooked cauliflower that doesn't require a recipe will cook gradually but the quantity of vitamin C may decrease slightly, we might wish to see the answer by eating more cake.

13.Grape juice

Grapes are so named because they grow in clusters almost like those grown on grapes. Pink and red grapes get bright colors from the carotenoid phytonutrient lycopene. Although the skin is extremely bitter, the grapes have a spicy and juicy flesh that rivals their citric cousin orange. One-third of a cup of fruit juice contains 70 milligrams of vitamin C, so grab your kitchen utensil and provides these red grape-yogurt-filled donuts a spin - you heard, vegan grape-filled donuts! 

14.Tomatoes and lettuce

Most tomatoes grow on vines, and lettuce is high in iron and attractive due to its antioxidant properties. These two vegetables alone provide 33 milligrams of vitamin C – one-third of a cup of juice and 9 milligrams of half a cup of cooked lettuce - so imagine their power when combined! That’s why we love this vitamin C Power Cocktail from O Shee Gloss. this is often a vegetarian version of my favorite bloody Mary / Caesar cocktails served in bars. Clink the glasses on Saturday night and fill them with vitamin C . We both drink good quantities!

Provide additional immune support to your body

Diet is important to form sure your system is being tested. confirm you eat fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C regularly to reap the advantages. you'll also take a vitamin C supplement to urge the quantity you would like. 

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