Home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

by - May 24, 2021

Home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are found on the sides of the abdomen in most pregnant women. But it is safe to say that these symptoms are not limited to women. Such stretch marks are also found in men. This means that these symptoms are not just caused by pregnancy. Such marks are common on many parts of the body of men. Sudden weight gain and subsequent weight loss can cause stretch marks.

Stretch marks are found in people of all ages. Stretch marks are not based on age, but on when the body develops and then shrinks. Most people think that these signs are ugly at any age. Therefore, many treatments are tried to get rid of these symptoms as soon as possible. But it is best to avoid solutions that contain chemicals.

There are some ways to get rid of marks completely without any side effects. You may know a few home remedies that are effective in reducing stretch marks.

Home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an excellent herb that helps to regenerate skin cells. Aloe vera gel has amazing properties for clearing scars and drying wounds on the body.

Take the gel from the aloe vera leaf, massage it on the stretch marks and allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes. Doing this regularly can completely remove blemishes.

2. Cocoa butter

The use of cocoa butter is one of the most helpful in reducing stretch marks. Stretch marks will disappear completely if used during and after pregnancy. The best time to use cocoa butter is at night, so massage it well into the skin so that the stretch marks will diminish and fade within a certain period of time.

3. Cucumber and lemon juice

The natural acidity of lemon juice helps to reduce blemishes. Cucumber juice keeps the skin fresh. Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply on the skin until well absorbed. It can be rinsed off with lukewarm water after about 10 minutes.

4. Almond oil, coconut oil

Use equal amounts of almond oil and coconut oil to reduce stretch marks. Massage it into the skin regularly. After doing this regularly, you can see noticeable changes in the skin.

5. Apricot mask and oil

Apricot has excellent exfoliating properties. To do this, take 2-3 apricots, cut them and take out the seeds. Fry the fruit paste and apply this mask on the affected areas for 15 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and repeat regularly for a month to see the best results. Pure apricot oil has skin rejuvenating properties and helps to reduce stretch marks. Massage the skin with a little lemon juice to double the effect.

6. Castor oil

It can brighten the skin just like castor oil. Massage with castor oil to nourish and moisturize stretch marks. Its benefits can only be reaped if followed regularly.

7. Skin Mask

You can also get acquainted with a special mask that helps to completely change the stretch marks. This mask should be prepared using ingredients that are available at home. To do this, mix 2 egg yolks, the juice of one lemon, 2 tbsp oatmeal and 2 tbsp almond paste into a mixture. It is beneficial to use this mask on alternate days.

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