Super homemade shampoo for strong hair

by - May 01, 2021

Super homemade shampoo for strong hair

There will be no one who does not want dark dense strong hair. But desire alone is not enough, you need to pay enough attention to your hair. Everyone's hair has different characteristics. Methods of care are also different. Often it is impossible to even choose the best shampoo. When you start using it, you realize that the shampoo is not suitable for you. Tired of trying shampoo full of chemicals like this? But now let's try a homemade shampoo.

Super homemade shampoo for strong hair

Materials required

Cold tea - half liter
Lemon - one
hibiscus flower–– three
hibiscus leaf - two handfuls
Henna leaves - a handful
Tulsi - A handful.

Preparation: Squeeze lemon juice and squeeze the juice. The juice of everything should be squeezed as much as possible. Do not add water while crushing.

Filter if desired. Beat this well. Then apply it to the scalp and hair. Rinse after ten minutes. The scalp should be thoroughly oiled Ten minutes before applying this shampoo on the scalp,

If this process is repeated two or three times a week, hair loss and premature graying will disappear and the scalp and eyes will feel better and warmer. It strengthens the hair follicles, gives them a natural color and shine, and makes the hair grow back. Doing this once or twice will improve the health of the hair.

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